My Memorial Day Tribute to Forrest Meyer

This is my mom's oldest brother, Uncle Forrest, who enlisted in the armed forces in 1941.

He was shipped overseas with the 161st Infantry WWII and their mission was to liberate the Philippines! He participated in three campaigns: Guadalcanal, Northern Solomones, and Luzon. He was awarded the silver star for gallantry and received a field commission from first sergeant to second lieutenant on the battlefield. He was in battle for 4 long years. In March of 1945 he was shot and killed by a sniper while he was leading his troops. The 161st infantry's mission was almost complete and he was only a few months away from seeing the end of the war.

This photo of him above was taken in the Philippines in about 1944. He sent this home for his family: the only known photo of him while he was deployed.

Mom has been talking about Forrest a lot lately. She was a kid when he left. She said he only came home on one leave but he was so proud. Mom and he wrote letters back and forth while he was gone. He expressed to my mom that she was his favorite of the family. I wish that she still had those letters.

The first photo of Forrest and the American Flag is and artistic interpretation done by by me using photo apps to create the picture. I personally took the picture of the flag and then I blended the two photographs together using picboost. I also used photofx and snapseed to get the desired effects.

Freedom doesn't come free. We must never forget that many have died preserving our freedom and freedom is worth fighting for.

"They are dead; but they live in each patriot's breast and their names are engraved on honor's bright crest." — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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