These folks on the Tacoma waterfront are workin it in three different ways.


We have the walkers on the upper left, the fitness king on the upper right, and the poser on the bottom. All three are workin it looking for different results….or maybe looking for the same results.


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So the first somewhat warm and sunny day on a Saturday in April on Alki Beach brings out the urge to get out and get social:


The dude out in the sand is throwing out the vibe to his audience of the female kind by doing a few sit ups and flexing his stomach muscles while being hoisted up on all fours with the hope of attracting "the one." His friends are working to set up the volleyball net while Mr. Vibe is working it in another way.


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A trip to Rosario Beach near Anacortes to search for sea glass turned into a day of relaxing and dreaming:

Day Dreaming

The sepia effect on this photo puts emphasis on the rocks and the boy. The sun reflecting in the the water adds warmth.

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