This sweet sixteen loves this picture of her blowing out her candles.


I know it looks like it says 100 on top of the birthday cake, but it says 16. The puricamera app for the iPhone and iPod touch make it possible to add the sparkle, heart, and smiley face stamps to the pic. I like the red polka dot bow tie on her head the best. Other apps used here are photofx and picfx to achieve the results. This young lady made this photo her Facebook profile avi.

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This is an endearing picture showing a father and son standing on a log as they look over the valley below for signs of elk.

Learning some skills important for the journey into manhood. Survival in many forms is part if growing up.

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This iPhone 4 photo was taken with camera+ app, image corrected in icamera HDR, light enhanced with dynamic light, softened a touch with CinemaFx, and further enhanced with photo wizard and picfx.

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A trip to Rosario Beach near Anacortes to search for sea glass turned into a day of relaxing and dreaming:

Day Dreaming

The sepia effect on this photo puts emphasis on the rocks and the boy. The sun reflecting in the the water adds warmth.

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