This is my mom's oldest brother, Uncle Forrest, who enlisted in the armed forces in 1941.

He was shipped overseas with the 161st Infantry WWII and their mission was to liberate the Philippines! He participated in three campaigns: Guadalcanal, Northern Solomones, and Luzon. He was awarded the silver star for gallantry and received a field commission from first sergeant to second lieutenant on the battlefield. He was in battle for 4 long years. In March of 1945 he was shot and killed by a sniper while he was leading his troops. The 161st infantry's mission was almost complete and he was only a few months away from seeing the end of the war.

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What started out to be a glorious day of snowshoeing at Mt Rainier National Park turned into a not so glorious way to spend the first day of 2012. We never in a million years would have expected to be in a place where an armed mad man was on the loose shooting at people in a National Park. The whole experience was intense, at times frightening, and totally surreal.

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Here is a lovely night time view of a Christmas Tree Farm in Puyallup. It's actually on the Orting Highway (hwy 162) near the intersection of Military Road.

I love the folk art feel to this picture that I created using photo apps on my iPhone. The shot was taken with ProHDR and then filterstorm was used to refine and then CinemaFX was used to create the night-time look. The dark night filter in the last app mentioned helped to create the color. It was actually dusk when this was captured.

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Took mom to get her eyes checked at Costco yesterday.

I was wondering if the experience would be the same as what I remember and comparable to going to a private practice eye doctor. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. The doctor did all the same exams and was thorough. She did refer mom to a specialist to check one thing that she was slightly concerned about. We ordered mom's new glasses from Costco also they were about $200.00 total. The exam was $65.00. We were very happy.

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