So the first somewhat warm and sunny day on a Saturday in April on Alki Beach brings out the urge to get out and get social:


The dude out in the sand is throwing out the vibe to his audience of the female kind by doing a few sit ups and flexing his stomach muscles while being hoisted up on all fours with the hope of attracting "the one." His friends are working to set up the volleyball net while Mr. Vibe is working it in another way.


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I was out for a walk and saw this scene in a regular old neighborhood in small town USA when I decided to pop out my handy dandy iPhone camera and capture it.

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I took this one with my iPhone while walking around West Seattle yesterday. California Avenue is a great place to take a stroll with a camera. The sun finally came out on this early March day so had to get outside.

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The Pike Place Market is a special place. The spring time is a perfect time to go and see the tulips. These red ones caught my eye with the vintage lights overhead.

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