You may be a girl if you see diamonds, or may be a boy if you see kites in this here doctored up photo of power lines LOL


This was a fun one to create. I used photofx, dynamic light, picfx, and photo wizard. The last one in that list of apps is the one that turned this into a symmetry and also the wavy action as well as the reflection at the bottom. Here is the shot that was used to make this piece of art.

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This is a fun app that can give your work a pinwheel effect.


A latte stand on the corner with a drive up window is the subject. Photofx was used to give this picture it's effects along with dynamic light and CinemaFx. PhotoStudio was used to add a symmetry filter and so you can see a mirror image of the scene. Puricamera was used to add the cute little stamps of flowers and stars to give it a retro hippie appeal. Of course the finished product should be shared on IG which is a totally addicting photo sharing iPhone app that I think is now also available for the droid or it will be soon.
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When spring comes we find ourselves looking for signs of new to signal new beginnings.

The photo has been edited to add more bright pink with cool fading around the flowers. The petals are beginning to fall and cover the path that leads the way past a couple of old white buildings. The green grass on either side pops with color. Welcome Spring!!!!

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I had fun playing around with the symmetry effect for this one. The photo used for this is the same one from my previous post. It was a brick church originally.

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